Lately I am been going through a Bible study in Exodus. I have been loving this study, it has really opened my eyes to the Word. Today, something stood out to me. God used Moses, an ordinary person who had difficulties with his speech to save a nation. Moses an ordinary man. I am an ordinary person with faults and limitations. You are an ordinary person YET God has designed big plans for all of us. Although we might not save a nation, we are right where we need to be.

Now I am NOT comparing myself to Moses or saying he is just a so-so person. He did an extraordinary thing because of his faith in God. If God wasn’t with him he would have just been an ordinary person. But it was his trust and faith that set him apart. That allowed him to live an extraordinary life. Moses was living a difficult life and was in survival mode for years. We can relate to that too. Sometimes we are so caught up in the business of life and go into survival mode. Just surviving our mundane life. If we have faith in God like Moses did, God will use our ordinary life for extraordinary things.

You’ve been selected for your school, with your teacher team, and to have your students. God is working through you, right where you are at! You may not see it now, but God certainly does. Our job is to seek God in our daily lives and stay faithful. He will do the rest.

I taught in a small Kansas town and my husband and I only planned on staying there for two years. I tried to leave after those two years, but I never got an offer for a teaching job. God certainly had other plans for us. We stayed there for four years and were involved in several community activities. We were able to make friendships like we’ve never made friendships before. The bond I have with those students still have meaning to me. Some of my students still connect with me, which I love so very much. We had Bible studies and church events and I grew up so much in my faith and trust in Jesus. Then we were called to move. We left our family (yes I consider them my family) for my husband’s job that gave me the ability to stay at home with our sweet gift from God. I miss my Kansas friend’s way more than they know and I’ve really struggled where I am at now.

A few weeks ago, we drove down to my tiny town to have our sweet child dedicated to God. It was the most beautiful thing I have ever seen. That church was packed with people we love so dearly. It was a great refresher on how God kept us there for four years instead of two, how His plan is better than ours, how He can use us in small towns and the love He has for all of us.

But even though I moved away from my tribe I know God can still use ordinary me right where I am at. Although, I am a bit unsure what He has for me here I know His plan is more beautiful than anything I have experienced and more beautiful than anything I could ever plan.

You may be unclear why your plan is not working out like it was supposed to or why you are still at your school or why you keep moving from grade to grade. God does know why you are there and/or grade hopping every couple of years. He has you right where you need to be. He will use ordinary you and ordinary me for EXTRAordinary things, we just need to have Moses like faith.

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