Differentiating morning work is another opportunity I have in place in my classroom. It provides another assessment and way for students to practice standards at their level. If there is any opportunity to differentiate in the classroom, I jump all over it! By providing differentiated morning work I am not letting students start their day frustrated.

I have always done morning work because most of my students show up in my room thirty minutes before school even starts. I need that precious 30 minutes to get organized for the day. However, when all of my students received the same worksheet for morning work my struggling students were already frustrated and disappointed by 8:00! That is not how I want any of my students to feel and it’s an awful way to start the day. That is why created differentiated morning work packets. They provide me with three different levels and are themed for each month. Check them out by clicking here. I have multiple grade levels too! If I have very low students, I provide them with morning work from a different grade level that I have created. This way no student of mine starts their day frustrated and disappointed. Each page allows them to have success at their own pace and level while it still focuses on grade level standards and topics.

Click here to access these bundles!

Not only has differentiating the morning work help with the levels of frustration, it has also helped me assess my students on certain standards. Each page is either full of math skills or literacy skills that are standard based. If I notice a student struggling on a specific skill, I write a note to add it to my mini lesson or small group instruction. This has really helped shape my mini lessons to be useful times for all of my students.

Furthermore, I believe it is important to have a math page one day and a literacy page another day. Why you might ask? It’s simple! Some of my students are better in math than reading. By having separated pages I can provide this student with a different math level then a reading level. They might be on level 3 in math (the challenging level) but a level 2 in reading (on grade level.) By having my math and literacy morning work separated I can give students different levels for different subjects!

All of my differentiated morning work bundles have math pages and literacy pages. They will last you the entire school year AND included in the bundle is my differentiated summer packet too! CLICK HERE FOR DIFFERENTIATED MORNING WORK BUNDLES

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