Accommodations are easy to implement in the classroom. There are several simple things you can do to accommodate for your student’s needs. Please review my previous blog post about differentiation vs accommodation vs modifications first! Just a reminder accommodation means giving your students the tools they may need to be successful. For example, if a student struggles with reading you may provide them with a recording of the reading. But here are a few extra ways to make accommodations in your classroom.


Tip #1 The Environment

Are there things in the classroom environment to accommodate with your students? These can be as simple as changing up the seating arrangement or posters hung around the room. A teacher can always move a student closer to helpful friends or posters. Also, switching students between different groups may help their overall environment. If ability grouping teachers may find best fit groups for each student. This took me a while to find each student their best group, but they were always switching with others too.


Tip #2 Materials

Are there additional materials to supply a student with? Like the example above with the recording of the reading there are other ways to make accommodations for students in the classroom. For example, teachers can use manipulatives more for some students who learn through doing. Teachers can also provide students with a timer for work or even word banks on tests, quizzes, and other activities. Word banks really helped my students with spelling states on their state tests.


Tip #3 Learning Styles

Learning styles is very important as I educate students. At the beginning of the school year I study each student and search for their learning style. Then I try to incorporate these different learning styles into my whole group or my mini lessons with my kids.

I also search for what interests them and use that to catch their attention with my lessons. I had one student who loved trucks and the color yellow. He was ADHD, hearing impaired, and he had trouble with his vision too. I made sure all of my small group lessons had something to do with the color yellow or trucks. It was as simple as letting him draw a yellow star on a paper or receiving a yellow sticker. These helped him stay focused because he wanted that yellow marker so bad!

In Summary

Providing accommodations for students can be as simple as discovering their unique learning style, providing helpful materials such as hands-on manipulatives, and checking the learning environment.


What accommodations do you utilize in your classroom?

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  1. I think it is so important to get to know our students and make accommodations that work well for them! I love your tips and ideas. Thanks for sharing!

  2. I agree, creating an environment to teach all learning styles is essential to reach every child. Just adding some manipulatives or some posters can be a huge help! Thank you!

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